Gonz Jove

Art, like our universe, has an infinite amount of meanings. To me, art is the elixir of life because it gives me the joy to live. Art is the essence of my existence. I see murals as expressions of the world in which we live. They create a visual language that transcends time and create visual dialogues of social, cultural, and sometimes controversial issues that develop a shared social conscience. My function, as the artist, is to communicate these stories with the license of art. My knowledge of sculpting and mathematics has also given me a keen eye for design and detail that I’ve utilized for over 10 years in my murals. Each mural I paint is built on a precise mathematical foundation to the point that my art has become a science. Because we all have multiple narratives running through our lives, I make a conscious decision to bring multidimensional elements into my work by incorporating sometimes up to four to seven different focal points in my murals. My art work is also incredibly unique due to the quality of my paints. Many of the paints I utilize are ten, twenty, sometimes thirty years old. By sealing and replenishing the paints, the colors in my murals are vivid and potent. The wonder and universal beauty of humanity is also a common theme in much of my work. I’m a strong believer that everyone is connected and that the universe exists within us all. I sometimes represent our universal connections with visuals of stars and galaxies. I also enjoy incorporating whimsical themes into my work along with the creation of illusionary reality by
distorting space that allows a viewer to get lost in the art work. I want my art to break the chains that bound our minds in society and blind us from our shared human experiences. My art acts to convey my love of humanity through visual art narratives, and my biggest inspiration is the simple nature of love. To me, this four letter word is the strongest force that exists in the world.
I’m in love with Life.