Artists | Midwest Salute to the Arts
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Call for Artists

Featuring our Exciting New Layout in Everett Moody Park amidst the newly remodeled pavilions & green space.


Midwest Salute to the Arts is the longest running art festival bringing Art to the Southern Illinois region just 12 miles east of downtown St. Louis. 100 Award winning artists display their work in beautiful Moody Park.

The Midwest Salute to the Arts is a 501(c) (3) Not for Profit.

The Mission of the Midwest Salute to the Arts is to provide a successful forum to bring art to the region and promote art appreciation for all ages.  The goal of the Midwest Salute to the Arts is to share this experience with all segments of the community while helping to impact art lovers in our city and surrounding counties.

The nationally-recognized art fair features cash awards over $17,000.