Congratulations, Paul Bayer!


paul bayerCongratulations to This Year’s Council Choice Winner, Paul Bayer!

Mr. Bayer is a stone sculptor that works in a variety of stones, marble, granite, onyx, alabaster, flourite, calcite etc.. The crystalline structure and texture of natural stone combine to reflect light in an extraordinary way, giving forms movement and life. He carves directly in stone, as well as from models, maquettes and drawings when doing commissioned reliefs, busts and other works. He enjoys working with realism and all forms of abstraction.

He is presently carving a twenty ton sculpture in marble at the City Museum located in down town St. Louis.

Mr. Bayer has been commissioned by several corporations to carve large sculptures for both interior and exterior applications.

Mr. Bayer is presently being represented by “Stone Soup Galleries” in Chesterfield Mall, lower level.